Bullet Journal: Terrific Tracking Tables

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Dear visitors,

It’s that time of month again, when things get real stressful…. No, not that time.  It’s the time of month when all the paperwork is due.  No matter how much you have, a tracking table in your bullet journal is sure to do the trick. A tracking table will help you keep a great record of dates for home visits completed, canceled visits,  assessments completed, mailings sent, etc. etc.

There are great layouts for tracking table on Pinterest, and Instagram as always, however, I have included a PDF version of the table I am currently using to complete my paperwork in no time.  What’s stopping you?  Start a tracking table in your bullet journal today.

I showed you mine, now share yours… What are you tips and tricks for completing end of month paperwork?

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Find PDF versions of tracking tables here:

Tracking Table w/ notes section

Tracking Table vertical

Tracking Table Horizontal

Bullet Journal: Working Weekly Layout

Hello Visitors,

As the saying goes… so much to do, so little time. A little bird has said that many home-visitors are taking up their weekend to play catch-up…. OMG!! Seriously, lets put an end to this madness.

A weekly layout in your bullet journal is sure to help you get it all done. Make sticky notes a thing of the past. No more desks covered with little yellow post-its that mysteriously disappear.  A weekly layout makes it easy to figure out when during your crazy week  you will have time to: complete paperwork, submit your timesheet, track mileage, contact families, send mailings, and update files. An extra added bonus: when your boss asks if something got done you can look back in your bullet journal and confidently say YES!

Dr. Heidi Grant has shared the benefits of creating a when and where for your to-do lists (Grant,2014).  Find out all about it here: Nine ways Successful people de-stress

Here are PDF versions of weekly layouts:

Weekly vertical layout without days

Weekly vertical layout

Weekly hortizonal layout without days

Weekly hortizonal layout

I showed you mine now show me yours: What type of weekly planner do you currently use and how do you keep your to-do’s in order?

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– L.

Grant,H.(2014,August07).NineWaysSuccessfulPeopleDefeatStress.RetrievedJuly16, 2017, from https://hbr.org/2012/12/nine-ways-successful-people-de

Bullet Journal: Magical Monthly Layout

Hello Visitors,

My bullet journal has become a guidebook for navigating the daily hustle and bustle of home-visiting. Without my Bullet Journal, I would absolutely go insane!

As I am sure you all know, as home-visitors we are on our own. Planning and scheduling the entire day is all up to the home visitor, no fancy receptionists here. Before I started a bullet journal, I cannot tell you the amount of times I accidentally double booked visits.  Seriously, save your self the embarrassment. Don’t make that phone call informing a family that you are unable to make the next scheduled visit because you already had that time taken! Get a bullet journal and utilize a “Monthly Layout,” to take care of scheduling all those visits.

There are always tons of great ideas out there on Pinterest and Instagram. However, lucky you, feel free to use my PDF version of a monthly calendar to print, cut, and paste into your awesome bullet journal.

I showed you mine, and now its time to show yours,

What type of planner do you use and how has it helped you stay sane?

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A Presentation of the Bullet Journal in the World of Home Visiting.

Hey There Visitors,

The Bullet Journal is an excellent tool for keeping your sanity. I have put together a presentation on how you can build your own Bullet Journal to help you get and stay organized.  Buzzfeed Bullet Journal has an awesome video on how you can get started today. 

Bullet Journal Presentation PDF

I hope you enjoy, and maybe one day can attend my presentation in person!

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Activity Binder

“Oh my gosh, I am so late and I have nothing planned!!!” Times like these is when an Activity Binder will really come in handy. After all you only have ten minutes to get to a visit that’s  30 minutes away, better think of something quick!   

It might take some extra work but creating an Activity Binder will prove to be extremely useful.

Here is an example of how to create your own:

  • Find a large 3 ring binder
  • Find binder-dividers
      • Then separate activities by age group. (Seriously, for the longest time I was just using post-its and they would all get lost and miss-matched.)
  • Find some sheet protectors, they are awesome for keeping activities with coordinating curriculum.

Share your activity binder and/or your favorite activities to take to your visits.

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Whats in the Bin?


Dear visitors,

Yes, of course you can always take advantage of those great fancy toys from the office, but inevitably that perfect toy for that perfect activity is stuffed away in your co-worker’s car. Never fear your toy bin is here. Your car toy-box will come in handy for those last minute visits, or times when your co-worker has that perfect toy (but really we both know you just forgot to grab it while rushing out of the office for a visit you should have left to 10 minutes ago).

Despite the myths size does matter, too big and your car will begin looking like a Toys R US clearance bin. Too small, the essentials won’t fit. There are tons of great trunk organizers that work perfectly for storing toys.

Here are some toys that I keep on hand:

  • Markers
  • Construction paper
  • Collection of 7 blocks, because it’s the lucky number.
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • A classic children’s books…. Some good old Dr. Suess or Harold and The Purple Crayon should do the trick.
  • Educational Magazines
  • Glue and glue stick
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Coloring books one for the children and another for the parents
  • Scissors
  • Food coloring
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Small collection of play food.

I showed you mine, now show me yours. Share your list of must-haves for your toy bin.

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