Car Clean-up

You know that feeling on a Monday morning, when you can neatly place your bag in the back seat, hop in the car, look in the rear-view mirror, and your car is spot less? … Yeah, me neither! But seriously, when your car is tidy, it’s fantastic; isn’t it!? Then you stop by the office, grab some much needed items for the day ahead and after a couple visits…AHHHHH WHAT A MESS!

Throwing items from the front seat to the back seat then to the trunk doesn’t silence that annoying little voice in your head telling you to “keep it clean.” Trust me, I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. Remember; your car will get messy, cluttered, and dare I say…. *gasp* dirty! Thankfully, I have a couple ideas to help you tidy-up quickly! Especially when you accidentally offer your friend a ride and they see the empty beverage bottles and gas station receipts littering the front seat of your car.

  • Make use of the down time while you’re waiting for your car to fuel up. You’re stuck there waiting anyway, so you may as well throw out that old drink that’s been sitting in your cup holder for a couple days.
  • Put those rogue toys back in their designated receptacles.
  • This is one of the many ways those plastic bags you keep in your car will come in handy. Tidy up a bit when it only takes you 15 minutes to get to a visit instead of the normal 30 because today traffic loves you! The next trash bin you see you will have no excuse, THROW IT OUT!
  • Those Lysol wipes are wonderful for a quick dusting on the dash and for sopping up the soda from when you brake too hard at the stop sign you didn’t see…

LOOK OUT!!! no throwing out confidential items/papers/documents, i.e., anything with information that can be used to identify a family. Keep these papers in a filing tote. The papers can then get shredded once you’re back at the real office; don’t let them not clutter up your portable office. Like a good little home-visitor: There aren’t any HIPPA violations here. 😉

I showed you mine, now show me yours. Share how you keep your mobile office neat and tidy. 

clean car collage.jpg

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