Activity Binder

“Oh my gosh, I am so late and I have nothing planned!!!” Times like these is when an Activity Binder will really come in handy. After all you only have ten minutes to get to a visit that’s  30 minutes away, better think of something quick!   

It might take some extra work but creating an Activity Binder will prove to be extremely useful.

Here is an example of how to create your own:

  • Find a large 3 ring binder
  • Find binder-dividers
      • Then separate activities by age group. (Seriously, for the longest time I was just using post-its and they would all get lost and miss-matched.)
  • Find some sheet protectors, they are awesome for keeping activities with coordinating curriculum.

Share your activity binder and/or your favorite activities to take to your visits.

Thanks for visiting.




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