Bullet Journal: Magical Monthly Layout

Hello Visitors,

My bullet journal has become a guidebook for navigating the daily hustle and bustle of home-visiting. Without my Bullet Journal, I would absolutely go insane!

As I am sure you all know, as home-visitors we are on our own. Planning and scheduling the entire day is all up to the home visitor, no fancy receptionists here. Before I started a bullet journal, I cannot tell you the amount of times I accidentally double booked visits.  Seriously, save your self the embarrassment. Don’t make that phone call informing a family that you are unable to make the next scheduled visit because you already had that time taken! Get a bullet journal and utilize a “Monthly Layout,” to take care of scheduling all those visits.

There are always tons of great ideas out there on Pinterest and Instagram. However, lucky you, feel free to use my PDF version of a monthly calendar to print, cut, and paste into your awesome bullet journal.

I showed you mine, and now its time to show yours,

What type of planner do you use and how has it helped you stay sane?

Thanks for visiting,




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