Bullet Journal: Working Weekly Layout

Hello Visitors,

As the saying goes… so much to do, so little time. A little bird has said that many home-visitors are taking up their weekend to play catch-up…. OMG!! Seriously, lets put an end to this madness.

A weekly layout in your bullet journal is sure to help you get it all done. Make sticky notes a thing of the past. No more desks covered with little yellow post-its that mysteriously disappear.  A weekly layout makes it easy to figure out when during your crazy week  you will have time to: complete paperwork, submit your timesheet, track mileage, contact families, send mailings, and update files. An extra added bonus: when your boss asks if something got done you can look back in your bullet journal and confidently say YES!

Dr. Heidi Grant has shared the benefits of creating a when and where for your to-do lists (Grant,2014).  Find out all about it here: Nine ways Successful people de-stress

Here are PDF versions of weekly layouts:

Weekly vertical layout without days

Weekly vertical layout

Weekly hortizonal layout without days

Weekly hortizonal layout

I showed you mine now show me yours: What type of weekly planner do you currently use and how do you keep your to-do’s in order?

Thanks for visiting,

– L.

Grant,H.(2014,August07).NineWaysSuccessfulPeopleDefeatStress.RetrievedJuly16, 2017, from https://hbr.org/2012/12/nine-ways-successful-people-de

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