Bullet Journal: Terrific Tracking Tables

20170730_191159 (1)_Fotor.jpg

Dear visitors,

It’s that time of month again, when things get real stressful…. No, not that time.  It’s the time of month when all the paperwork is due.  No matter how much you have, a tracking table in your bullet journal is sure to do the trick. A tracking table will help you keep a great record of dates for home visits completed, canceled visits,  assessments completed, mailings sent, etc. etc.

There are great layouts for tracking table on Pinterest, and Instagram as always, however, I have included a PDF version of the table I am currently using to complete my paperwork in no time.  What’s stopping you?  Start a tracking table in your bullet journal today.

I showed you mine, now share yours… What are you tips and tricks for completing end of month paperwork?

Thanks for visiting,


Find PDF versions of tracking tables here:

Tracking Table w/ notes section

Tracking Table vertical

Tracking Table Horizontal


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