Bullet Journal: Relax and Remember Your Resources

Hello Visitors,

Taking the bare minimum into a visit is a sure way to soothe that, “oh god creepy crawlies are coming home with me,” anxiety. However, this leaves you limited on the amount of things you can carry with you into a home visit. With limited varying capacity how do you  ensure that you are able to give an important contact number and/or resource when requested? Yet again another use for your handy Bullet Journal.

Using a Bullet Journal to keep community resources organized is a great way to categorized each resource in a way for your mind to remembers. This makes it easy and quick for you to find appropriate referrals to give based upon each families individual needs.

A couple tips:

-Write Resources in pencil. Grants are always changing and some community resources come and go . Writing them in peril makes it simple to get rid of ones that no longer work or updating resources

– Keep extra writing space for resource pages in your bullet journal. When you find an awesome new referral at a when attending a networking event you have a place where you can easily jot down the contact information.

How do you ensure that you have appropriate resources available to your families especially when you forget your bag and your phone is dead?

Thanks for visiting,



resource BUJO.jpg


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